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NEC is seeking a qualified individual to fill the position of SCADA System Engineer. NEC is situated within the White Mountains of Arizona, 180 miles NE of Phoenix. It is a place of beautiful scenery and mild climate, with a small community atmosphere where you know your neighbors. The area abounds in opportunities for hiking, hunting, fishing and other outdoors sports.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Under direction of the Manager of Information Technology, the SCADA System Engineer is responsible for the design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of the SCADA system to effectively manage and monitor electric control devices on the electrical distribution and transmission system. Deliver efficient, safe, and reliable system performance.


Responsible for the design and development of the SCADA hardware and software systems. This includes, reviewing, analyzing, performing maintenance, and troubleshooting in accordance with NEC specifications and requirements.
Responsible for the development and maintenance of the SCADA System application and database in accordance with NEC specifications and requirements. Configure SCADA data reporting to meet Operations and Engineering requirements. This includes managing the preferred SCADA vendors.
Responsible in part for the development and maintenance of the SCADA network as it relates to security, reliability, device connectivity to the network, and the backing up and restoration of critical data and configuration information.
Meet regularly with the Communication Techs to plan work, discuss common projects and prioritization.
Provide data and input in the IT Strategic Plan.
Responsible for researching new technology and testing solutions and components for the SCADA system including software, hardware, tools, utilities, and other equipment. Also for keeping track of SCADA components in inventory and making purchasing recommendations. Keep sufficient inventory of SCADA components to manage past supply issues and long lead times.
Train supervisory, dispatch and other related personnel on how to use the SCADA system on a day to day basis so they can manage electric control devices and make critical decisions during outages and events on the electric distribution and transmission system.
Configure the SCADA system to be easy to use and to give an accurate view of the state of the electric power distribution system. This includes creating the HMI screens, setting alerts, and programming the SCADA configuration to match the data points set on the electric control device with the proper parameters, conditions, thresholds, etc.
Regularly collaborate and meet with Operations and Engineering to determine SCADA system user and system requirements. Review managed electric control devices and upcoming substation related projects.
Discuss programming points, alerts, thresholds, power state conditions, reporting requirements, etc.
Program, test, and install SCADA devices such as Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), legacy RTU’s and NTU’s, data concentrators to match and support the settings and points that the Operations and Engineering departments have set on their electric control devices. Monitor, maintain, and replace these SCADA devices as necessary.
Collaborate with the Network Engineer to design, implement, maintain, and test disaster recovery solution to maintain fault tolerant SCADA Operations. Provide input and expertise in designing and maintaining a disaster recovery site for company servers, OT and IT networks, and applications services. This includes a redundant, standby dispatch center.
Support and help facilitate Cybersecurity initiatives.
Perform other duties as required.


Responsibilities sometimes require working evenings and weekends, sometimes with little advanced notice.


Formal Education

Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science or another related degree in electrical technology.

Previous Job Experience

Five years of progressive experience in IT with assignments in Networking and Server management. SCADA experience is desirable along with employment at an electric utility.

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